Simple Drills for The Range Home

The following at home golf drills are designed to be used in any home and will improve your putting skills ready for getting back on the course. All you need are some golf tees, loose change and an Ace of Hearts (an envelope will do if you can’t find the playing cards down the back of the sofa). 

These drills work best on a putting mat, but if you’re like me and have lost it in the back of the shed then the carpet will do! With lock-down in full force, there’s no excuse to set aside some time to work on these drills. Have fun and enjoy practising.


Dead Weight Playing Card


It’s time to find that playing card but if you want to start off easy then please feel free to use a small envelope. This drill will help with accuracy and pace.

– Place the playing card 6 foot away from your ball
– The aim is to stop the ball on the playing card
– Vary the distance once achieved


TIP: Keep your head, you’ll need to hit it a lot softer than you expect, light grip pressure (don’t tense up) 

Loose Change

Here’s one for ACCURACY. Don’t you hate missing a putt and then your playing partner turns round saying “you were aiming there!”

Your head is now in a muddle and you can’t figure if you’re aiming on the line you have chosen.

– Find a 5 pence piece in your loose change
– Place it 2 foot away from the ball
– Quickly finish your cup of tea and place the mug 8 foot away on a straight line of the ball and 5 pence piece
– Aim at the 5 pence piece and putt over it to the mug

It’s a lot easier aiming at something 2 foot away than 8 foot. Once on the course, pick out a speck of grass 2 foot away on your desired line, use this as an easier aim point.

TIP: Aim at the 5 pence piece to start and then look at your target before taking the putt. You want to remind your brain of the distance as well as line.

Short Putt Ladder Take-Down

Let’s get straight into this one, we all hate missing those SHORT putts… the ones where you look at your playing partner for a gimme, but they suddenly look away and are now expert bird spotters.

Well you won’t ever need to worry looking for a gimme anymore…

– Place 5 tees diagonally 3 to 7 foot away from your ball
– Start off hitting the first tee which is 3 foot away and work your way up, if you miss one start again
– The ball must finish within one foot after the take-down of the tee (no whacking)
– Once you have worked your way up the diagonal ladder, reset it and pick out RANDOM distances

TIP – Practice looking at the tees whilst taking the putt, this will take your mind off your actual stroke and more on your target (this drill isn’t to work on technique, just pure holing out confidence)

Once mastered just imagine how MASSIVE the HOLE will look on the course.

Pace Putting Ladder Zone


Is your Pace Putting, more like Race Putting? Turning that birdie putt into a bogey.

After a few harsh words and a bent putter after finishing the hole, there’s always another opportunity to get your own back. Try this Drill…

–  Choose your biggest room in the house and drop your golf balls
– Place 6 tees with a 2 foot gap between (if you are limited on space then go as far as you can), start the first tee 3 foot from your ball

You’re all set up… the aim is to work your way up the ladder that you have created. Your first putt must finish between the first and second tee, the second ball between the second and third etc etc. Once you have consecutively worked your way up, then come back down.

TIP – If you find that you race putts by, aim for the first tee in the zone. Vice versa if you don’t hit them hard enough. This will help on the course as you can look at a mark just short or long of the hole depending on what works best.