Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Robert Salter and I have recently Qualified as a PGA Professional.

Ever since starting the sport 15 years ago, I knew straight away it was something I had a passion for and wanted to pursue in the future. Here I am today, teaching toddlers to teenagers, mums to grandmas, dads to grandads and some of the best athletes in the county. 

My teaching philosophy has always been the same, to keep things simple and understandable. I always say to my clients, everyone’s swing is different… injuries, flexibility, strength, age and co-ordination all restrict movement… but we can always find a way in getting the most out of their swing, even if it isn’t “textbook”.

During my three years of training, I had the access to and pleasure of using Trackman 4 during Lessons, Custom Fitting and Distance and Gapping sessions. What a tool this was, it gave me a wealth of knowledge and has trained my eye to see little flaws in the swing and the knowledge of how to correct them (the modern way).

I look forward to working with you and building your OWN swing. Give me a call, text or email no matter what time of day. #ownyourblueprint

Robert Salter


PGA Qualified


Ping Authorised Fitter


BodiTrak Certified


Superspeed Level 1